Jihad in Sulami's commentary on the Qur'an

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How exactly is the concept of struggle "jihad" used in the Qur'an. An important early witness is the Sufi scholar Sulami (Husayn al-Sulami al- Nlsaburi) whose main Quran tafsir has a lot to say:
http://www.blogtopsites.com/outpost/8b477bd11c588a5d0c00710a66b37cbd was working but now not?
Also, Gerhard Bowering wrote on this work: The Minor Qur'an Commentay of al-Sulami (Ziyadat haq'iq al-tafsir), Beirut 1995.
Found a good Qur'an interpretation reading list: http://www.iis.ac.uk/view_article.asp?ContentID=110572

Islamic Manuscripts site

There's an enormous resource of Islamic manuscripts available at:
The site is run by Jan Just Witkam, Emeritus-Professor of Paleography and Codicology of the Islamic world in Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands. There's plenty of material to search for any researcher. Where to begin!

Latest Syriac research at Oxford

The Oxford Patristics Conference is oh so far to go, but at least their blog has some basic info on latest research. The Syriac papers are available at: http://oxfordpatristics.blogspot.com/search/label/Syriac There's also lots of other relevant material elsewhere on the blog, eg some great bits on St John Chrysostom.

Syriac ascetic struggle and the Greek agon

Recently had a wonderful relaxing week with great friends the Rudolphs. In between beach walks I was researching how the Syrian Christian ascetic struggle was shaped by earlier Greek notions of the agon, the "contest" of wrestling, music, ideas, etc. In Syriac agon is agona and is used in pretty much the same way as the earlier Greek playwrights and historians write of the "struggle". Also found an excellent site for all the Greek plays (in Greek) that allows searching on individual words like agon eg in Sophocles: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0189%3Acard%3D1556